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“J. Whitfield Larrabee is one of the finest lawyers in Massachusetts. I turn to him when I have a serious case that requires litigation. He has handled a number of cases for my firm involving wrongful death, defective products, childhood lead poisoning and catastrophic personal injuries. Because of his razor sharp intelligence, passion, professional judgment and solid reputation, he gets results for our clients.”

  -- Attorney Gary M. Horwitz, Chelmsford, Massachusetts (978) 250-4646

“I highly recommend Mr. Larrabee. He is an honest lawyer who treats his clients with respect. At a time when I was overwhelmed, he was reassuring. When I was confused, he made things clear. He always treated me with respect and allowed me to have a voice. His intelligence shined though during the process of litigation. He did a great job for me. Thank you, Whit.”

  -- Christine B., Medford, Massachusetts

“I worked closely with Whit on a wrongful death and medical malpractice case where our client, a mother, had lost her child. He was strongly committed to getting the best result for the client while ensuring that she was treated with compassion. With his help, we were able to obtain a substantial and very favorable settlement prior to trial.”

  -- Attorney Frank Riccio, Braintree, Massachusetts

“I referred a complicated sexual harassment case to Whitfield Larrabee because he is the best lawyer in this area of the law in Massachusetts. He did an excellent job for the client, kept me informed and promptly paid me a referral fee when the case settled. It was a win-win situation for everyone.”

  --  Attorney John Greenwood, Springfield, Massachusetts

“In my case, Attorney Larrabee did an even better job than I expected. He is a great writer and communicator. He pressed forward with my case relentlessly. He never gave up until we won.”

  --  Jonathan A., Dorchester, Massachusetts

“I have known Whit Larrabee for many years. He is a leading attorney in Massachusetts specializing in complex civil litigation, including employment discrimination, wrongful death and severe personal injuries. He is an ethical, passionate and highly effective advocate for his clients.”

  --  Attorney Linda Gavin, Brookline, Massachusetts

“I was lucky to have Whitfield Larrabee as my attorney. He was diligent, prompt and professional. I was very pleased with the results. He is a great lawyer and I highly recommend him to anyone in need of superior legal services.”

  --  Pedro Garcia, Boston, Massachusetts

“I was very pleased with how Attorney Larrabee handled my case. I recommend him to my friends, family and anyone else.”

  --  Edna DoCanto, Dorchester, Massachusetts

“In a case involving disability discrimination, Whit provided compassionate representation to the mother of a child who suffered from autism. Because of his dogged pursuit of the case, the defendant paid the client a generous settlement.”

  --  Attorney Well Wilkinson, Boston, Massachusetts

“Whit worked hard to get the best result for me in my case. I was happy with the settlement I received.”

  --  Thomas Gillespie, Salem, Massachusetts

“I have worked with J. Whitfield Larrabee on several matters involving complex litigation. Not only do I enjoy working with Whit, but he has been a very conscientious and effective advocate for our clients.”

  --  Attorney David Grossack, Newton, Massachusetts

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