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At the Law Offices of J. Whitfield Larrabee, we are dedicated to litigating and winning trials and settlements in cases that benefit society. We specialize in cases brought by private citizens against corporations, insurers and the government. We represent employees, consumers, whistleblowers, victims of medical malpractice, and families in wrongful death cases. By pursuing these cases, we protect important rights, including the right to be free from unlawful discrimination, the right not to be harmed by unsafe products, the right to adequate medical care, and most importantly, the right not to be wrongfully deprived of life.  We focus narrowly on four practice areas and we represent a very limited number of clients so that we can intensely litigate our cases and provide personalized service. Although we are a small firm, we have successfully prevailed against some of the largest firms in United States because of our practice of concentrating all of our energy on a limited set of cases.

In representing our clients, we forcefully respond to corporate law-breakers, insurers, government officials and other defendants with relentless, costly and time-consuming litigation. We conduct intensive investigations and join forces with law enforcement and regulatory agencies to uncover misconduct. We depose high-ranking corporate officials, managers and employees, compel defendants to disclose key documents, and to force them to explain their actions in writing. We threaten defendants’ finances by tenaciously pursuing compensatory damages, punitive damages and attorney’s fees. When justified, we publicize illegal behavior and use the media to pressure companies to act responsibly. At the outset of each case, we focus on creating powerful economic incentives for defendants to promptly settle our clients’ legitimate claims. If defendants will not settle, we use our extensive trial experience to maximize our clients’ chances of obtaining a substantial verdict at trial.


Our goal in each case is to use every available connection, resource, strategy and tactic to hold the responsible parties accountable. Through our network of seasoned lawyers, experienced experts and forensic consultants, including private investigators, physicians, psychologists, scientists, economists, and other leaders in business and government, we provide legal services of the highest quality. We methodically analyze each case and carefully design a step-by-step strategic plan in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

Our offices are located in Brookline, Massachusetts (1 mile from Boston).


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